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Novotel Ambassador Seoul in Dongdaemun is the 500th Novotel owned and operated by Global Hotel Group Accor. It is the first hotel in S. Korea that has launched AI-based hotel services, for its guests to avail themselves of new and differentiated services.
With a total of 523 rooms, the design of which was inspired by the eaves of Heunginjimun Gate, it is the first Novotel that operates as a dual hotel and residence. The hotel consists of 331 hotel rooms and 192 residences that are furnished with facilities for laundry, cooking and other services, presenting different types of spaces that cater to various travel needs and purposes.

* The hotel shuttle bus service will end on July 31, 2024.
* On August 17 and August 31, there will be a rooftop pool party, and you may be charged for access to the rooftop.
* The operating hour of the roof-top swimming pool is subject to change depending on the event and internal circumstances.
* Only adults over 19 years of age are permitted to the outdoor swimming pool.
* Please understand that disposable items such as toothbrushes are not provided and all amenities are available in large capacity amenities due to the government's implementation of the Resource Recycling Law.
* Pets are not allowed to enter or stay at the hotel, but guests with guide dogs are allowed to enter and stay.

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